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This month we were fortunate enough to publish not one, but two articles! One article was featured in Landscape Architecture and Specifier News, while the other article appeared in Landscape Contractor: Design. Build. Maintain. We’ve included a bit of info about each article below:

Permeable Pavers Transform Walkways and Parking Lots
This project took place in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Our very own Dan Kalar worked with the Ignatius House, a nonprofit and non-denominational retreat centered geared toward helping people maintain their sense of spiritual well-being. The project involved renovations to their parking lot, where concrete was torn out and replaced with our Eco-Venetian permeable pavers. The end result is a water filtration system which reduces pollution and even reduces the effects from uncomfortable heat waves like we experienced this last summer. Dan Kalar worked with Benning Construction and GP Hardscape Pavers, Inc. to help this project come to fruition.

University Interprets ”Mean Green” Literally in Stadium Construction
Pavestone’s Joey Guedea helped with this project, having worked on it with HKS, Inc. and Lindsey White from Caye Cook & Associates Landscape Architects. Together, they helped build the University of North Texas’ football stadium in Denton, Texas. As the home of the Mean Green, this team can now take that name literally; the parking lot was done mostly with Pavestone’s Eco-Priora pavers! The pavers will control storm water impact on the nearby wetland area. Caye Cook & Associates is actually hoping to earn a LEED-Platinum certification on this project – fingers crossed!

Want to learn a little more about our pavers? Check out our driveway pavers (as well as our other products) on our main page!


Have you seen the September issue of Landscape Contractor? If you didn’t, it’s okay – we’ll catch you up.

This story takes place in Waleska, Georgia with the Kobel family. When they called Brad Smith and the team at North Georgia Earth Solutions, they had a fairly simple request – to remove some cross-tie retaining walls for their property on Lake Arrowhead. So Smith and his team put together a bid for a modular block retaining wall and went to work.

If you watch PBS’s GardenSmart, this might sound familiar. Pavestone’s very own Dan Kalar went on the show not too long ago to talk about retaining walls/modular wall systems. Exciting, right?

But it’s not over yet. After the first walls were installed, the Kobels were so pleased that they planned other projects, including: electing to remove the additional sets of cross-ties along the long, sloping entrance to their home; widening their driveway to twice its original size; excavating land to create more parking; and building a three-tiered retaining wall to create more usable space on their property. What began as a small outdoor project quickly evolved into a vision for a complete outdoor remodel.

Want to learn more? Find more details and the full article on this retaining walls project at LandscapeOnline.


Pavestone and safety – they go together. Always.

by Pavestone on August 26, 2011

Safety? It means a lot to us at Pavestone. Our production facilities use heavy equipment (we do make our pavers, patio stones, edgers, and retaining wall blocks from concrete, after all) and the chance that an accident or an injury could happen at any moment of any day is very real to us. We are committed to equipping our people with the kind of knowledge and training that they need so that they can best react in emergencies. While we never want our team to have to use these skills, we’re proud when they can react when they need to.

Recently our Regional Safety, Healthy & Environmental Manager for our Colorado branch, Michael Batts, was conducting a CPR/AED/First Aid class in a conference room at a hotel. In the midst of the class, the hotel’s manager ran into the room needing help, explaining that a hotel guest had just passed out. Michael and one of our newest Pavestone employees, a volunteer firefighter, took action. The two used their Basic Life Support (BLS) training to determine that the man had suffered a stroke and provided first aid to the man until EMTs and paramedics arrived.

After everyone’s adrenaline had settled, the hotel manager visited with Michael about Pavestone’s safety trainings. The hotel’s staff had no requirement for CPR/AED/First Aid training, and Michael’s knowledge of how to handle the situation was enough to show him that it was incredibly valuable.

Pavestone is incredibly proud of our quick-thinking team and so thankful that they were able to help a perfect stranger. Next up? We’re considering offering our First Aid and CPR training to the family members of our employees on nights and weekends. Our people mean the world to us – it’s just that simple.


For a fresh look, the Anchor™ Sequent™ Retaining Wall Panel System combines two popular Anchor™ products with great aesthetic and functional results. The panels are a quick way to build a multi-height wall by combining the Diamond Pro Stone Cut® and Highland Stone® retaining wall systems in a simple installation pattern.
These panels break up the horizontal lines of a typical single-height product and can be used with geosynthetic reinforcement. For contractors, the Sequent™ Retaining Wall System installation pattern is quick to install on a large scale when you want to create a random, rough-hewn look without sacrificing stability — ideal for larger projects.

Anchor™ Sequent™ is available in two varieties: One combines 6-inch Highland Stone® with 8-inch Diamond Pro Stone Cut®, while the other combines 6-inch Highland Stone® with 3-inch Highland Stone®.

Pavestone’s product information sheets include detailed specifications and installation guidelines. You can view or download info sheets for the Anchor™ Sequent™ 3-inch / 6-inch combination or the Anchor™ Sequent™ 6-inch / 8-inch combination.

Anchor™ Sequent™ is great for:
  • Terrace Gardens
  • Landscape Retaining Walls
  • Geosynthetic Reinforced Tall Walls


New from Pavestone: Newbury Stone™

by Pavestone on August 4, 2011

Pavestone is introducing Newbury Stone™, a combination of three larger scale, richly textured pavers with identical footprints but varied joint patterns.  Newbury Stone™ gives the beauty of a multi-shape paver design that is easy to install.  When installed as a patio, pool deck, pathway or other pedestrian application, the three Newbury Stone™ units mimic the look of 10 separate stones, resulting in a grander, more stately look.  Newbury Stone™ offers a quick, easy solution for beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Where to put it? Newbury Stone™ is perfect for:

  • Plazas
  • Courtyards
  • Office entries
  • Esplanades
  • Sidewalks
  • Pathways
  • Terraced gardens
  • Pool decks
  • Beach promenades
  • Pedestrian malls
  • Roof gardens
  • Non-vehicular traffic

Newbury Stone™ is available in a thickness of 2 3/8″* = 60mm (3 Variations). Contact your local Pavestone representative for product availability, or click here for more product information.

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Pavestone QR Codes at Home Depot!

by Pavestone on June 1, 2011

These QR Codes might look a lot alike, but when you scan each one on your smartphone they’ll all lead you to a different set of installation videos and information about our Pavestone products like Vigoro™ Bag Rock, concrete edgers, retaining wall stones, patio stones and paving stones. Need a QR Code scanner for your smartphone? Download one from www.homedepot.com/scan.


Eagle Scout projects are familiar to many, fun for the Scouts, and valuable to communities. When Eagle Scout candidate Jordan Klein was considering the many needs of the City of Las Vegas, he settled on helping Brown Junior High School, a school he had attended 5 years prior.

The parking lot at Las Vegas’s Brown Junior High School features several areas of decorative rock installations. The desert wind of Las Vegas had a tendency of kicking the rocks up out of their planter beds and scattering them across the parking lot. It left the school’s parking areas looking unappealing, introduced safety hazards, and caused the school’s staff to expend time and energy sweeping and replacing the rocks, only to see them fly out with the next gust of wind.

Before the Boy Scouts arrived several pallets of Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System were waiting for them.

Jordan thought he could solve the problem with some help from Pavestone Las Vegas. Pavestone Las Vegas donated several pallets of Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System. With the help of his Scout leaders and the other Scouts of Troop 569, Jordan conceptualized and created walls around each of the planter beds. Jordan estimated that the project took about 20 hours to plan and prep, and after 8 hours of labor, the Troop had placed more than 800 square feet of stone. An additional 600 square feet of stone remained and will be used for a future project at Brown Junior High School.

The team got right to work, digging and prepping the area for the Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System.

Hard at work, the Troop even added landscaping.

Not only does the Anchor™ Windsor Stone® Retaining Wall System add beauty to the landscape at Brown Junior High School, but it helps to control the decorative rock, gravel, and soil, improves the overall look of the site, and reduces the impact on the school’s already busy staff – no more sweeping or rock collecting! The school? They’re happy! So happy, in fact, that they served breakfast to Troop 569 the morning of the project, and hope that Jordan and his fellow Boy Scouts will return for many more projects at Brown Junior High.

After hours of work, the finished project.

(With pavers left over!)


The Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association may be new to you, but it’s familiar to us here at Pavestone Company. The MVMA is the only incorporated trade association organized specifically for the Masonry Veneer industry, an industry that we’re in!

Headquartered in Washington D.C., the MVMA represents the Manufactured Stone Veneer industry’s manufacturing companies and their suppliers, with sixteen total companies represented. A representative from each company serves on the Board of the MVMA, and Pavestone is excited to announce that Dan Mulhern, the President of Veneerstone LLC, a sister company of Pavestone, will serve as the President of the MVMA for the next two years.

MVMA members are true leaders in the industry of Masonry Veneer and are advocates for the Manufactured Stone Veneer industry. Their goal is to advance the growth of the Masonry Veneer industry through proactive technical, advocacy and awareness efforts and to represent MVMA members on technical matters like codes, standards, regulations and product certification issues. Because manufactured stone industry is so new, the MVMA wants to be sure that they continue to create standards and regulations that the entire industry will adhere to, protecting both consumers and the industry as a whole.

Here at Pavestone, we’re thrilled that Dan Mulhern will continue to serve on the MVMA, not only representing Veneerstone, but by providing his leadership to the Board and its members.

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Pavestone teams up with the Cincinnati Bengals

by Pavestone on January 27, 2011

Pavestone recently teamed up with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Marvin Lewis Community Fund for the 6th consecutive year for the 11th annual NFL/United Way Hometown Huddle, an initiative that promotes volunteerism in communities. Each year the event creates or refurbishes a playground in Cincinnati, and Pavestone employees participate by volunteering labor and product. The event had more than 500 volunteers from Pavestone, Home Depot, and various other partners.

This past year’s Hometown Huddle project took place in Cincinnati’s Evanston neighborhood, and included the construction of a walking path, refurbishing a basketball court, expanding a community garden, building a storage shed, and installing new landscaping. Pavestone assisted in building a tree ring from Pavestone pavers with the names of the Bengals players engraved in the stones.

The Evanston neighborhood is comprised of 10,461 low-income residents, 27.3% of which live below the poverty level. In Evanston, 1 in 5 families are single-mother homes, and just 18% of the overall youth of Evanston continue their education in undergraduate colleges. This project will serve as a lasting gift to the community for residents, children, families in Evanston.

Pavestone Sales Rep and November Employee of the Month, John McDulin, with the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Marvin Lewis.

Volunteers look on and snap photos as Cincinnati Bengals players get to work.


The finished parking lot at St. Augustine's Church, made with Pavestone Eco-Priora™ pavers.

St. Augustine’s Parish in Brighton, Colorado began in 1887 with a quaint brick building topped with a wooden steeple. In the more than a century since that time, the church grew from just 12 families to more than 800 families, and with that growth came a need for updated parking facilities.

The church was in need of a parking solution that would complement the church building, accommodate the parishioners, and meet the safety standards necessitated by a climate like Colorado, which is prone to snow and ice. Knowing that the project would cover an area greater than 60,000 square feet, St. Augustine’s reviewed a variety of permeable and porous pavement systems before choosing Pavestone Eco-Priora™. The church leadership examined front end costs alongside the lifetime costs, and decided that the eco-friendly pavers were the best option for their needs. While permeable paver systems often have a higher cost initially, the permeable systems don’t require the installation and material costs of piping for underground drainage and storm water systems.

Permeable pavers are common in Colorado, as they help control runoff, mitigate storm surge, and improve water quality overall. The permeable pavers provided the solution that St. Augustine’s was looking for: a lovely, functional, ecologically friendly and financially responsible parking area.

The majority of the parking lot at St. Augustine's was installed mechanically.

In mechanized paver installation, specialized paver installation equipment speeds construction time by rapidly installing approximately one square yard of pavers at a time. This dramatically reduces installation time and labor costs when compared to hand lay.